Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Two More Weeks Until Turkey Day......

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How is your November going so far, can you believe that the year is almost over?! We are still trying to iron out what we will be doing for Turkey day, especially since it is already two weeks away. About a month ago I mentioned that I would share with you all how virtual schooling is going for us. I am going to keep it short and sweet. 
1)For the first time in a long time, we can breathe and not freak out about huge changes happening in and around school or on school grounds. 

2) No bullies(knock on wood).

3) Strong Communication with our new IEP Team members and we don't feel like outsiders instead of intruders about our autistic son's educational plan, especially with what works and doesn't. 

4)Lastly, did I mention communication. This has been the biggest plus because we actually feel listened too and in partnership with the teachers than a hindrance or bother to their own agendas or status quo. 

We are blessed and eternally grateful for our experiences within brick and mortar, public schools, Co-Ops, Homeschooling in general because we would not have got this far without some setbacks to how to school our autistic teen son. Everyday is a blessing and we are taking it one day at a time. 

Whatever and however you are doing, enjoy every moment, minute, second of your life because you don't know what is on the horizon. 

Until next time, take care of yourself and each other:-). 

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Happy Halloween Everyone! What are you Up To?

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Hello Everyone, 

How are you doing? It has been a minute between the pandemic, flu shots, COVID-19 misinformation, etc. I am thankful for another year of celebrations, making family memories and our path to normal. 

Our family is taking it easy this Halloween because my children are now 15 and 19 respectively, so movies, pizza and spending time with one another is what is on the agenda. Let's not forget the candy(that's the best part, LOL!) . 

We decided a long time ago that 12+ was the cutoff for our kiddoes because for myself personally, after 12 years old you just want to either hang out with close friends or family. Unfortunately in the past 18 months, it has been really difficult for everyone to even think about Halloween decorations in the midst of deadly viruses and social distancing. Oh I almost forgot, as well as masks that are now mandated everywhere you go(well at least indoors and while shopping, etc. ). **SIGH**

Overall, I hope this little blog post gives you a taste of realness and that it all isn't that bad. Look at the blessings in your daily life and continue to take care of yourself and each other. 

Stay well and Have a fabulous day! 

Happy Halloween and Stay safe out there:-). 

~Mom Advocate

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

September is all about Fall and New Beginnings....

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Hello beautiful People!

How was your Labor Day Weekend? Did you eat some BBQ? Relax with Family and Friends? What did you do to celebrate? This Labor Day was different. It definitely was not the same as what we are used to. Growing up I was used to smelling backyard BBQ's in my neighborhood, children playing outside, and cars parked back to back at neighbors' yards. This year probably for the first time in a long time it was eerily quiet. 

If you haven't heard already, we are in a pandemic and it does not look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. Have your kids started school yet? My kids(one adult and one autistic teen), are doing school remotely this year because they learn more and there are just not that many distractions. 

Homeschooling has been an up and down journey for us as a family unit and sometimes downright exhausting, but at the end of the day it is all worth it when what you do at home is working and your student(s) are learning. Yay!!! We have run the gamut when it comes to online learning for our autistic son: 

1)ALE-Alternative Learning Environment
2)Co-Op HOME Program
3)Virtual Remote Learning-Through the School District(Pandemic Lockdown)
4)Brick and Mortar School
5)Highly Structured Autism Program
6)ALE all over again(permanently)

It has been a whirlwind and also a blessing to get as far as our son has, but I can't forget the paraeducators, special education teachers, and counselors as well that have brought peace of mind to this autism mom's day about our son completing a milestone and/or doing something extraordinary. 

September is all about Fall and New Beginnings....

Take Care. Be Well. Stay Safe. 
~Mom Advocate

Monday, August 9, 2021

Say it Isn't So that Summer is Almost Over.....

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I so don't want summer to end but know it is necessary. How are you all doing in this new normal? Are you staying safe? Have you been able to visit family and friends during this time, even as the Delta Variant keeps on rising? Whatever you have decided to do with your family this summer I hope that you created lots of memories and just had a blast.

We were able to visit my dad in Michigan and stayed for about a week. I think that this was probably one of the most detailed trips we have ever taken since the kids were really young, especially because we had to wear masks and cover up anywhere, but at the end of it all, we were able to see my 87 year old father/Grandpa. It was awesome!

We have already started purchasing school supplies, changing calendars, getting ready for the school year is harder now than ever and I think it is still uncertain.  What are your plans? Are you going back to in person learning? hybrid? totally online? 

I know it is sort of dizzying right? At the end of it all, you have to make the best decision for your family and keep everyone as safe as you can, but if you are a family that is sort of on the fence, follow your heart and go where it leads. No one knows tomorrow and you want to be sure that when you go to bed at night that you have done the best that you can in these crazy world circumstances, especially when it comes to what is going on in our world right now. 

So with that being said, Be Well. Stay Safe. Have Fun. Make Memories. 

I will be talking to you all soon to tell you about how the first day of school went. 

Monday, June 7, 2021

Hello Summer and the New Normal...

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How are you doing? It has been a ride hasn't it, especially with the pandemic and all that has gone on up to this point. I am so ready for summer 2021 and all that it has to offer, especially no more zoom meetings(at least for the next few months) in some cases. What are your plans? Are you going to travel and visit family and friends? Staycation? We have some plans to hopefully visit family and friends on the horizon. Also our youngest is turning 15 years old and we cannot believe how fast time flies. We also recently celebrated our 20 year anniversary! and our daughter turned 19. 

I am most thankful that we made it through a pandemic, at least the worst part and we are still watching everything we do, especially with hand sanitizers, masks, temperature know the drill. This is our new normal so we have to roll with it and continue to take care of each other the best way we know how. Stay safe out there.

Have a fabulous summer 2021 everyone!


Monday, May 17, 2021

A Tale of Two Types of Learning in the Midst of a Pandemic/ COVID-19 ..

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                   Remote                                                              Full In-Person-Learning

Once upon a time in a school district not too far away, there was a terrible virus that shut the world down for over a year(we are still fighting this terrible virus:-(. Lots of people lost their lives and the normal that most people came to know and love changed forever. Some people, especially educators, were not sure how they were going to educate all of their students in Kindergarten-12th grade, especially those with special needs. 

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Some school districts did not know what to do and were faced with how they were going to educate students online and address the needs of those that struggled already academically, emotionally, financially, mentally and/or otherwise. So when mayor opened up the city by phases, then schools conducted a survey to find out who wanted to come back and who wanted to stay in early Spring. The results were overwhelmingly divided, just like our nation. Some families/school districts chose to do a hybrid learning model and others chose to stay at home. Although this worked for some families, depending on their schedules and overall personal circumstances, there was still weekly COVID-19 cases at the elementary, middle, and high schools levels and also there were some schools that did not get one case at all. 

Fast forward to present....Another survey was conducted in a school district not too far away again and this time was different. The school district gave families two weeks to decide on a remote way of learning, in person learning(full day/5 days a week), or To Leave the District altogether. The sad part of this scenario was that special needs students were unfortunately not properly addressed and there are only a few weeks left of school with no answers in site for this dilemma. 

Hopefully in the midst of this tale of two ways of learning and this pandemic there will be answers, not more questions and hopefully that there are no losers. In the end though, someone always does and that is why this tale is so common and not surprising. It happens everyday.

The Moral of this Story: 

Whatever you decide as a family for your student and how they learn, trust that and know that you are doing what works for you, your child and how they learn best. Also trust that school districts are doing what they can to meet your child's needs and services as well. The trick is to find the right balance, so that your child does not fall into a deeper whole with no way out, no services provided, academic support or other supports. The worst case scenario would be for your student, God Forbid, dropping out of school altogether with no future. Follow Your Heart.


Thanksgiving 2021

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