Social Skills

Social Skills for autistic children are across the board and are different;whether you are either a parent, educator, therapist, special education teacher and/or are in contact with children on the spectrum or otherwise, then this post is for you.

Presently, our autistic son continues to struggle with the social more's and norms of our society, so our job as parents is obviously overwhelming due to the challenges that come with trying to show what those social cues will or at least should look like. It is usually a hit or miss, since he tries our "suggestions" and "model behaviors" to a "T" which gives new meaning to "don't repeat 'Every' action or words exactly.

When our son was first diagnosed, we came across a curriculum and resource that was and still is very readable and resourceful in addressing the social part of autism. It is called "Model Me Kids" and our former psychologist highly recommended this and our son thoroughly enjoyed the videos that were provided.

I would highly encourage you to take a look at the store and all it has to offer in regards to social cues and the skills needed to improve or adapt social skills depending on your background and environment, as well as how you will use these tools to help your special needs student in life skills and beyond.


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