Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Give to Those In Need During this Time in Christmas 2020

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Good Afternoon, 
How are you doing this rainy afternoon? (or whatever the weather is like in your neck of the woods). Christmas time and the holiday season should be a time to spend with family and friends, but this time is different. 

There are many people in the world that are hurting right now, especially with all of the losses that businesses are going through right now. If you can give what you can from your pantry, closet or heart please do. Every year our family makes it a point to give to the homeless shelters and food pantries in our area because we all know that tomorrow is not promised. 

Covid-19 and the year 2020 is one that our family will never forget. Our now adult daughter missed out on a lot of firsts as the graduating class of 2020 but in the end she is able to be flexible with change and use this time to reflect and look towards the future as we all should. While our youngest missed out as well by not being able to graduate with his 8th grade class and/or be able to step inside his high school building, as he and my daughter are all in remote learning since March of this year. This is is not going to be forever, but we should definitely do our part to keep each other safe and alive. 

Have a great rest of the week and stay safe!

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